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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If you look on my iPhone, you're likely to see close to 3,000 photos - and those are just since February, there are millions more backed up on my computer and iCloud.

I love photos (hello instagram!) and have recently become really interested in editing my photos. There are some amazing photo apps out there, some free, some a couple bucks. Here are some of my favorite photo apps.

1.) A Beautiful Mess - This has been my go to app in recent weeks. If you are looking for an app where you can include text and icons/doodles on your photos, this is for you! I really like taking pictures of Baby K and sending them to friends and family on birthdays and anniversaries. I create all of my fun photos using this app. The app is pretty user friendly.
Here are some of the fun photos I have created:

2.) InstaSize - How many times have you tried to upload a photo to Instagram to only have a small portion of the photo make it into the crop box? This app will take your photo and resize it so that you can post the entire photo on Instagram or any social media app.

3.) Color Splash - My fab friend Lyndsey introduced this app to me and it is so much fun! The app turns your photos black and white and then you can pick which pieces of the photo you want in color. I love this app for the dramatic effect you get to create.

4.) PicFrame - I use this app to create collages - there are so many different options for the types of collages you can make. You can add filters, rotate or mirror your photos, add text and choose border colors.

5.) Jusgramm - You know those fab quotes you love and wish they were in picture/image form so you could share them on social media? This app helps you create an image. All you have to do is type your quote and then select the font, theme and colors.

Do you have a favorite photo app that you love? Share the love and tell me about it in the comments below!!!


  1. Going to have to check these out. I like pic stitch. I have been using insta collage a lot lately to share my outfits.

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  2. Love these! I also use Camera+ pretty often!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls


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