Sunday Social

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kind of funny, I finally get around to participating in Sunday Social last week and this week is the last one!
C'est la vie!

1.) How did you come up with your blog name?
Pink is my absolute favorite color, it makes me so happy. I wanted to incorporate that into my blog in some way so I just started brainstorming different names while on a walk with my husband. Walking got those creative juices flowing and Pursuit of Pink was born.

2.) What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Hands down, my favorite thing about blogging is connecting with my readers. I have made some great friends while on my blogging journey (2 years and counting) and love how supportive everyone is. I read every single comment, tweet, facebook message and any other social media interaction I receive. I just LOVE hearing from you all.

3.) What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now can't live without?
Picmonkey! I use picmonkey to edit photos that I post on my personal facebook, to edit photos I send to family members and of course to edit photos that I post here. I recently started using it more and more and I am finding I REALLY love it. I'm so glad that blogging introduced me to picmonkey (actually Erin from Living in Yellow told me about it when I asked her about photoshop - genius move there Erin).

4.) Facebook or Twitter? and why?
Facebook all the way - I'm kind of addicted to it. I love facebook because it connects me to all types of people: family, close friends, friends from D.C., friends that live here, old friends from school. It is so awesome to be able to glimpse into other people's live (even if it is just the highlight reel). I also love that I can put a prayer request out on facebook and immediately know that people are praying for me and my family.

5.) If one celeb read your blog who would you want it to be?
I just adore Reese Witherspoon and would love it if she read my blog. Legally Blonde is seriously one of my favorite movies, it actually inspired me to add more rainbows and butterflies to the world! I'm just a girly girl, no getting around that.

6.) What is something you want people to know about your blog?
If people are looking for a positive place on the internet, then Pursuit of Pink is for them! I'm not about tearing people down, but building them up and putting a smile on their face. The world needs more hugs and smiles and that is what I try to do with every blog post I write. Whether I tell a story that makes you smile or gives you hope, or share a beauty tip that makes you smile because you have more confidence, I just hope that by visiting my site people find joy.

Sunday Social


  1. Picmonkey is amazing! I absolutely love it. So glad that I was able to meet you through blogging! Love your positive outlook. :) Happy Sunday!

  2. Great interview, thanks for sharing your tips :)

    Cathy Vargas
    Vintage Girls

  3. Thanks! I could not help myself and I had to join the Sunday the questions :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. You do have a pretty cool blog hence the reason I come here so often I like the feel of your blog

  5. I love Legally Blonde!


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