Packing It Up!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Just popping in quickly to say hi, I was buried in packing boxes yesterday!!! We are less than a week away from loading up the moving truck which is crazy to me. I'm not so sure everything has sunk in just yet and I'm not quite sure when it all will hit me. To get the background on what is happening in our lives and why we are moving click here.

It is definitely a bittersweet time in our lives. I'm certainly sad to leave my church and all of the amazing friends that I have made here in the D.C. area. And as funny as this may sound, I'm very sad to leave our house. This is the first house that Tolar and I bought together as a married couple. This is the house where we became a family; the house we brought Baby K to when we came home from the hospital, the house where Baby K had so many firsts, the house where sleepless nights with a 2 month old brought so many blessings to us. And its the last house that our sweet JoJo lived in. I'm sad to move on from that. But I'm ready for what's next. I've been living in limbo since the middle of March and I am just ready to get on with it already! I'm ready to attack our future, to figure out what is next and to make incredible memories.

So forgive me if I am a little MIA in the next couple of weeks, not only am I moving and packing up a huge chunk of my life I'm also throwing Baby K her first birthday party before we hit the road. Life is crazy, but I don't think I would have it any other way!!!

And just for fun, here are some fun facts from the packing shenanigans:
-5 wardrobe boxes currently sit full in my living room, ALL packed with my clothes and there are still some clothes remaining in my closet
-apparently I really can live in a mess (I won't say I'm thriving, but I'm living).
-my Rodan + Fields business is still thriving, even during the packing/moving madness - this business is amazing!!!
-moving is a great way to save money on groceries because it forces you to eat what is left in your freezer (and yes, our dinner was quite tasty), that and you don't have as much time to sit around and think about how hungry you are (did I just think up a new weight loss strategy?)
-moving boxes make ok baby gates until your almost 1 year old outsmarts you


  1. Good luck on the move!! I hope everything goes smoothly for you :)

  2. Good Luck with your move. I cry when my husband and me sold our first house.

  3. Hope the move goes smoothly children love to play in boxes

  4. I'm so sad we never got to meet :( I am praying for your next adventure :)!


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