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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Favorite Article Of Clothing: 
This is not a surprise to many...Cardigans take the cake! I have so many cardigans; short sleeves, long sleeves, three quarter length sleeves, solids, florals, stripes, I don't discriminate against cardigans at all. I love how versatile they are and how they can help me stretch my wardrobe into multiple seasons.

Something I Wish I Could Change But It Rarely Happens:
I'm serious when I type this, but I wish I could keep my inbox at zero unread items. But it hardly ever happens. In fact, it happens so infrequently that I don't even remember the last time I had read everything in my inbox. Right now, I'm only sitting at 4 unread e-mails...thank goodness.

Surprising Fact About Me:
I LOVE to watch American Ninja Warrior with Tolar. And I double-LOVE it when the contestants make it through the whole course.

Question I Better Prepare Myself To Answer For A Long Time:
Where does Baby K get her red hair? This is hands down the most asked question I have ever ever in my life. This beats the question of when we were going to start having kids once Tolar and I got married. Seriously everyone asks and I mean EVERYONE.
Answer: Tolar has Irish on his side and I have Scottish on was bound to happen.

photo credit: Luv Bean Photography.

Current Favorite YouTube Channel:
MaskCara. Check her out, she has some terrific makeup and hair tutorials.

Hairstyle I'm Considering For Myself:
This...just need to figure out and master how to style it.

Bad Habit I NEED To Break:
Scrolling through facebook for countless minutes. I'm not even going to justify this with an explanation, it just plain needs to stop. I keep talking about how I wish I had more time to read. Well, if I put the darn phone down and picked up a book, I sure would have more time to read. And I'd probably feel a lot better about myself too.

Favorite Summertime Food:
Watermelon. Tolar and I probably go through a watermelon a week! We love it so much - it's good and so good for you!

Profession I Aspired To Be When I Was Younger:
Teacher. I "played school" all the time when I was a child. My friend Robyn and I would go over to each other's houses quite often and play school. I think we were both the teacher too, I don't ever remember one of us being the student. :) We loved to write on the chalk board and grade papers. I even asked for a chalkboard for Christmas once.


  1. Love her red hair ... Obviously. :)

  2. I think the short hair cute would look great on you. Watermelon is so good. I have some in my fridge right now. My favorite fruit is strawberries.

  3. That is a gorgeous pic of K! And I removed all notifications from my phone (FB, twitter, instagram) and it helped me not waste time on those sites!

  4. She is so sweet. I am sure you get that question a lot! Once you posted a pic of your husband and he had a red-ish beard so I assumed it was from him but both sides? That is really cool!

  5. we are HUGE American Ninja Warrior fans! In fact, the next one has a high chance of showing my friend's husband on there! (The Miami edition!!) Also, I feel ya on the unread stuff - let me guess, you're the same with notifications on your phone? lol

  6. She is soooo cute!! that red hair!! : ) Your bad habit is mine too!! Work in progress.

  7. I like red hair and baby K is so cute, I like cardigans as well


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