High Five For Friday

Friday, June 20, 2014

Well Friday is here! This is our last Friday in our house; sadness is definitely setting in. While this week has been consumed with packing, we still had some fun - especially with our little red head.

1.) Tolar celebrated his first Father's Day; Baby K's gift to her Daddy was a matching pair of chucks for herself. That's my girl, gift yourself some shoes. :)

2.) Some incredible friends from church took me out to dinner to say goodbye. I was so touched by their sweet and encouraging words, it's funny I certainly don't see myself the way they do. Their way is so much better. Praise The Lord.

3.) We decided that Baby K gets to move with us when we leave Northern Virginia. At least we have a box that fits her!

4.) This sign, that is all.

5.) Baby K likes to try on her Grammaroo's glasses.

I'm linking up this High Five For Friday post with Lauren Elizabeth.


  1. Sound like you are having a great time even tho you are moving. Good for you.

  2. I'm glad Baby K gets to move with you. ;-)

  3. Moving is stressful for everyone except little children who love to play in the moving boxes

  4. I love the matching converse...like father like daughter :)

  5. Love that wine sign! So funny. I love how happy she looks in the box!


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