Happy BirthMONTH JoJo!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our sweet dog JoJo gets a whole birth month instead of one birthday. He's a lucky, adorable, loveable dog and we want to celebrate him. Ok, I'll admit, Tolar and I don't know his actual birthday because Tolar - yes, the sweet pup was his first - didn't adopt JoJo until several years after he was born.

All we know is that JoJo was born in December, so why not pick a random day in December on this blog and honor the sweet dog that has brought us both so much joy?

JoJo turns 14 this month! He is pretty old and yet, still just as fun and lovable as ever. Tolar had a scare several years ago that JoJo might not make it to year 8, well take that dumb Vet who told that to Tolar. Our sweet JoJo knew he had to hang on to meet his fab mom - ME! :) And I'm so glad he did.

He is the best dog ever; he cuddles like a champ, doesn't beg for people food, likes to sleep in, is always waiting by the front door for us to get home, loves us no matter what and he sings!

For your viewing pleasure, check out our adorable dog singing along with him's Poppers.

We love you JoJo! Happy BirthMONTH!


  1. I love that you put a video of him singing on here! I will never forget when I was singing along to Smash, that JoJo started singing with me!!! Happy Birthday JoJo!!!

  2. Aww, I love JoJo so much! how cute. My aunt and uncle had a dog that sang just like JoJo (his name was Prince). Happy Birthday JoJo!!


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