Create Your Own Target Scavenger Hunt

Friday, February 23, 2018

Alright ladies...listen up!!!

We all love Target (obvi) and I'm sure we all love to have fun. I'm sharing a way to combine the two into something awesome. You can create your own Target Scavenger Hunt with your friends!

Target Scavenger Hunt

For the past two years, my MOPS group has hosted a Target Scavenger Hunt and it is always a top event to attend. I loved it so much that I introduced it to the ladies group at my church for a fun night out. Then several friends messaged me asking questions about all of the fun, so I figured I would share the goodness with all of you!!!

The rules are simple:
1.) Pick a place inside Target to meet. We chose the Starbucks inside Target.
2.) Divide into teams. You can divide into teams however you choose, but teams of 4 and 5 people make it much more fun.
3.) Everyone is given a list of items to find/activities to do inside Target. I'm sharing a list I created below, but feel free to create your own list! Around 20 or 25 items on the list is best; 15 can be finished really quickly so it is best to have a more robust list.
4.) Each team can interpret the list however they want. The goal is to be silly and goofy and have FUN.
5.) Take pictures of every item on the list. It is always fun to share photos with the other team at the end to see how everyone interpreted the list.
6.) The first team to complete the list wins! As soon as teams finish finding the items on their list, they should race back to the meeting place. The first team back is the winner.

Blue Sparrow Designs Co
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Here is a list you can use:
1.) Build a tower out of toilet paper/paper towels
2.) Spell out #blessed
3.) Find Mr. Clean's wife
4.) Select an item to help you relax
5.) Something to help soothe a crying baby
6.) Put together an outfit you might see on someone in the Bible
7.) Something with Minnie Mouse on it
8.) Model a wacky headpiece
9.) Something to keep you cool
10.) Something to keep you warm
11.) Create a battle scene
12.) Everyone holding their favorite cereal
13.) Something pink
14.) Something that comes in a package of 6
15.) A gross food and a yummy food
16.) Take a selfie of team members wearing something Patriotic
17.) Locate the perfect shade of lipstick for an alien
18.) Find a book with love in the title
19.) Your team wearing sunglasses (everyone wears a different pair)
20.) Something that makes a beautiful sound
21.) Something you like to share with others
22.) Something to represent the Winter Olympics
23.) Something you no longer need
24.) A movie you love
25.) Find an item at the Target dollar spot that starts with the same letter as a team member's first name

I'd love to hear if you have ideas on items to add to the scavenger hunt list. Please feel free to share them in the comments below.


  1. This sounds like such a fun idea!! Also that mug is perfect. :)

  2. What a fun idea. Have a great week.


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