Maternity Style That Transitions With You

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I received some clothing pieces from Pink Blush for review purposes. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

Trendy Clothes for Pregnancy and Beyond

When I was pregnant five years ago, I found it hard to locate cute and adorable fashions to dress my bump. I only knew of a few stores that carried maternity clothing and I found myself repeating a lot of the same few outfits due to lack of options. Luckily, this time around I've learned there are some pretty cute shops that offer chic and stylish maternity clothes. And double bonus, Pink Blush carries maternity clothes that transition with you even after baby is born.

If you've never heard of Pink Blush, whether you are pregnant or not, I encourage you to check them out. Their clothing is BEAUTIFUL. They offer so many different styles and patterns in a variety of clothing options.

I personally love all of their dresses; when shopping it is so hard to select just one or two styles because they are all so beautiful. Their maternity dresses are feminine and trendy and dresses I would wear even when I'm not pregnant. Which is the beauty of Pink can wear their clothes when you are pregnant, postpartum and beyond. I love that their clothing is designed to grow with your expanding bump, but can also look amazing without a pregnant belly underneath.

This gorgeous maternity dress that I selected (bonus it's on sale!) has plenty of room in the skirt to accommodate my now almost 8-month pregnant belly, but it will also transition to beyond pregnancy. The flowy skirt makes room for my belly, but will hang perfectly even after my little guy arrives. I love the floral skirt and color blocked top, a style that will be around for awhile I'm sure.

The dress makes me feel so pretty and feminine. In fact, when I wore it to church a couple weeks ago I received so many compliments. I'm thinking I will wear this dress when we take maternity photos because I love it so much. The colors are so rich and beautiful, it makes me ready for spring to arrive!

Burgundy Floral Maternity Dress Baby Bump
Pink Blush Maternity Dress
Burgundy Floral Maternity Dress
Pink Blush Dress
Pink Blush Maternity Dress Burgundy Floral
Burgundy Floral Pink Blush Maternity Dress


  1. Such a cute dress. Pink Blush has so many cute items. I wasn't a fan of the motherhood. I find that they clothes fall apart.

  2. I adore Pink Blush, they have such great clothes.


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