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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Baby Shower Mama and Hosts
Baby Shower childhood friends

Huge life milestones are always so much fun for all of the obvious reasons! One of my favorite reasons is that a bunch of the people I love most in life, from different stages of my life, get to come together and be in one single place. This past weekend, my sister and two dear friends threw me a baby shower to get ready for baby boy. We had a blast together and I was completely overwhelmed with the generosity of my family and friends.

Before I jump too far into this post, I must take a brief detour. Tolar came down with the flu the day after my baby shower, which immediately sent me into nurse mode. Then Tuesday, Kendall also came down with the flu. Luckily, I've successfully avoided it thanks to lots of hand washing, laundry, lysol and face masks. The people you see in these pictures are my tribe. They are the people who support me, pray for me, check up on me and offer help when needed. And they have certainly shown up for me these past several days while my household has been sick. I'm so thankful for these people; God has surely blessed me in many ways.

Back to the shower...I've decided on a mustache theme for baby boy's nursery and my shower had the same theme. We laughed, we ate yummy food, played one fun shower game and hugged like crazy. I was so happy to see my college girlfriends and my oldest friends from childhood in addition to celebrating with my family and friends that live locally to me.

I must add that a photo booth needs to be a part of any special occasion from here on out. My fabulous hosts set up a photo booth and we got some fun pictures of everyone. We had a photo booth set up for Kendall's 4th birthday party that was quite the hit, especially among the adults. I love a photo booth because it helps to capture photos of almost everyone present.

Thank you to my sister, Liann and Jessi for loving me well and putting together a fun shower. And thank you to everyone who attended for more than showering our baby boy (and my precious Kendall) with presents. It was such a special day and my heart is so full.

Baby Shower Mom and Sister

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Baby Shower friends
 Baby Shower Photo Booth Fun
Baby Shower photo booth and cake
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  1. Sounds like you had a great baby shower. I hope everyone feels better soon and the flu leaves your house.


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