Battle of the Beauty Blenders

Monday, January 6, 2020

Beauty Blenders Battle

Often, people will ask me what my favorite beauty tool is and I can 100% answer that without any hesitation: The Beauty Blender.
I've used a Beauty Blender for years and absolutely love the flawless finish it gives to my foundation application. Although, before I was a Beauty Blender lover, I must admit that I first questioned if a makeup sponge was really worth $20. And I must tell you that YES IT IS.
When using a Beauty Blender, I get flawless makeup application with minimal product waste. It actually helps to stretch my foundation longer than if I used something else. My makeup goes on streak-free with very little effort.

However, I do recognize that not everyone wants to spend $20 on a makeup sponge. So I decided to test out some of the other dupes on the market and see which one really compared. See below for my honest to goodness, true thoughts.

1.) Beakey 5 Piece Makeup Sponge Set
If you are on a tight budget, this set is for you. At $8.99 (or less!), you get five makeup sponges in this set. All of the sponges are the same size, so this is the perfect set if you prefer to change out your sponges pretty frequently.
(Although if you clean your sponge regularly, you won't need to change it out that often. The Beauty Blender solid cleanser is a terrific cleaner to use.)
These sponges are a bit more dense than the Beauty Blender and really seemed to soak up the water which made me feel they also soaked up some of my foundation. For the price, they are a really good deal, but not as great at overall application as the Beauty Blender itself.
My opinion: if you have nothing else or are short on money, this will do.

2.) Sonia Kashuk Makeup Blender
I really wanted to like this blender because I've used other Sonia Kashuk products and loved them, but I absolutely hated this sponge. It sucked up a ton of my foundation which made me use extra makeup when applying it. I felt like more foundation ended up on the sponge than actually on my face. I was very unhappy with the application, so I stopped using this sponge and started using option #3 below. Yes, at just $5 this is a great price, but it does not provide a flawless foundation finish. This makeup blender is probably best used with applying setting powder under your eyes because of the flat edge it has on one side.
My opinion: spend your money elsewhere.

3.) Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge
Out of all of the dupes I tried, this is my favorite! It only comes in black, instead of the pretty pinks offered by Beauty Blender, but it is a great sponge and by far the closest dupe I tried. The sponge's density feels very similar to the Beauty Blender and the application is very similar. For $3.97, that is some incredible savings for basically the same thing.
My opinion: Get this sponge! 

Beauty Blenders
Beauty Blenders Compared
Battle of the Beauty Blenders

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  1. I stop using beauty blender year ago. I wasn't in love with using them.


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