Trying to Workout With Your Child in the Room

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I love working out while K is awake (and even in the room) for multiple reasons. The most important reason is that I want her to grow up knowing that working out is "what you do" to take care of yourself. I also hope that by her seeing me work out, she will be inclined to do so herself (at a later age of course). But another reason I like working out in front of her is for the sheer entertainment value that I receive.

Yesterday, I set K up with some puzzles in her room and told her that if she needed me I would be working out. Well, she saw me swipe her chair to use for my workouts and she got curious - obviously Mom playing with her stuff is way more interesting than playing by herself. So K joined me in my room for the majority of my workout. Here is just a sample of the fun that we had:

-I was serenaded! K sang her versions of "Its Bitty Pider" and "Hot Cross Funs" several times, trying to keep me motivated with her sweet tunes (no spelling mistakes there, that's how she sings them).

-When I did squat jumps or X jumps, K thought both moves looked like fun so she joined me. The best part? Hearing her interpretation of me - heavy breathing!

-She decided that during my workout was the perfect time to "do a magic sell." She grabbed her magic wand and kept saying "pocus, pocus" over and over again. If only her magic "sell" would make me lose weight instantly.

-I received lots of praise! K told me over and over "you can do it Mommy!" and "good job Mommy!" I'm going to keep her around for the constant encouragement. (Thanks for working with her on that, Tolar)

-A sampling of a conversation we had:
K: "What's that on your face?"
Me: "It's sweat, I'm hot from working out."
K: "Are you crying?"
Me: No, sweetie. I'm sweating.
K: "You're a sweater?" (she meant the piece of clothing)


  1. Hahaha "you're a sweater?" Too funny! Looks like she's a good little cheerleader to have around during workouts!

  2. I love this! I work out with Lydia. She does all the moves with me and screams "eckerciseeeeeee" at the top of her lungs!


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