Leaf Jumping!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

When I first entered the "real world" I realized quickly just how boring being an adult actually can be. I had my first big girl job and all we concentrated on was work (the nerve!). We didn't take time to celebrate all of the little holidays and season changes that were happening around us. There was no pumpkin carving contest, no Thanksgiving or Christmas break off from work (only vacation days I had to use if I wanted that time off) and certainly no craft project to savor the beauty of the changing leaves. The real world kept on going, regardless of what the calendar said.

But I missed all of the small little celebrations, I missed the breaks, the time spent acknowledging that a new season and holiday was fast approaching. Which is one of the joys I find in motherhood - I LOVE exploring new seasons with K and teaching her about holiday traditions. I love that we get to watch her experience so many things for the first time. Watching my child take in the season changes and seeing her explore new things is thrilling to me. 

Last week, Tolar raked all of our leaves into a HUGE pile in the yard and he showed K the true art of leaf jumping. At first all she wanted to do was pick the leaves up and let them come tumbling down (we had just sang "The Leaves On The Tree" earlier that day), but after a little prodding she realized just how much fun it is to run and jump into a big ol' pile of leaves. And in true 2 year old fashion, she has asked to jump in the leaves every day since.


  1. There are few things that bring bigger joy than simple pleasures like jumping into a pile of leaves as a kid! So fun that you get to experience these things through her eyes!

  2. Such a sweet babe. I really love all of these pictures and envy your leaf piles.
    The Rad Wife

  3.  I always love the images you share.


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