High Five For Friday

Friday, July 17, 2015

Here we find ourselves at another glorious Friday!!!

1.) K spent some extra days with her grandparents leaving Tolar and I a few days to ourselves. We really enjoyed the alone time, but we were overjoyed when she arrived home. This picture of K and Tolar seeing each other for the first time is priceless.

2.) My birthday was on Monday and it was the perfect day: pool time with K and our friends Jessi and Kaden and then later my parents took us all out to dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse. I was showered with gifts and love from so many family and friends. On Sunday before church started, Tolar had every person on the serve team hand me a single rose in honor of my birthday. He is such a sweetie! (And yes Brad, I will accept this rose)

3.) For Tolar's birthday he received a Magic Bullet. His intended use is to make some really awesome spice rubs for some meat in his smoker. However, I was excited he received the Magic Bullet so he could make me some smoothies. He has been making some very tasty smoothies and even got up early one day to make me one for breakfast!

4.) My in-laws closed on an incredible piece of land for their retirement home in Tennessee. We are so excited that we will be closer to them and are very happy for this new chapter in their lives to begin.

5.) Tolar took Baby K to the park and gave me some alone time this week. I love having time to myself where I could read and just relax. And when they returned Baby K was so happy and Tolar had tons of photos and videos of their afternoon together.

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  1. glad you had a great birthday.


  2. Where in TN? Kind of looks like East TN?

  3. Yay for birthdays, presents, smoothies and alone time! I bet your parents are going to love their retirement there--it looks so peaceful!
    Hope you and Baby K have a great weekend!!

  4. I was thinking it looked like East TN too! That's where I am and it looks a lot like my parents area!

  5. Happy birthday! That was such a sweet and thoughtful gesture with the roses:) And we parents all need some alone time sometimes, but our children's homecoming are definitely the sweetest.



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