The App I Couldn't Live Without

Thursday, May 21, 2015

We are back from vacation...ho hum.
Getting away was so great for us, we really enjoyed the sun and the sand and the laughs from Baby K and my nephew - those two kept us all smiling.

If you have ever traveled with a baby or a toddler you know one thing to be true: they require A LOT of stuff. Going on a beach vacation is no different, you still need to take so much stuff with you. In fact, it felt like I had to take even more stuff with me this go round! I've never been a light packer (you never know what situation you might get in to and what extra clothes you might need), but I definitely try to find ways to simplify. And there is one iphone/ipad app that has simplified my life and made it so I could leave one thing at home.

We have used a sound machine with Baby K since day one. We use it more so to drown out the noise outside of her room so that we don't disturb her sleep and yet can still go on with our lives without having to tiptoe around the house. But I don't like to travel with her at-home sound machine because it is one extra machine that I have to pack and could potentially get damaged in transition. So when we travel, we use the Sleep Pillow app.

This app is awesome because there are so many settings that you can select. From a fire crackling, to waves crashing, to rain falling you can sleep peacefully to virtually any sound you would like. Volume controls allow you to adjust to whatever level you prefer (we like to turn it up louder especially when traveling because we tend to make a little more noise). There is also a timer associated with the app in case you only want the noise to play for a couple hours until you (or baby) fall asleep. Or you can leave the app on all night. And one really great thing that I love, this app does not drain your ipad battery. We leave the Sleep Pillow app running all night long (which is about 11 hours) and it barely takes any battery life. And since I'm already taking my ipad on trips, it makes sense to just use this app instead of adding another thing to our suitcase. The Sleep Pillow app has saved us from waking Baby K on numerous trips.


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  1. What a great app for a little background noise--you never know what kind of noises will be going on when you travel. Great pick!

  2. What a nifty app! I'll have to look into that... especially since it doesn't drain the battery!

  3. So going to have to check this app out. Since I use pandora at night to sleep to rain sounds.

  4. That's pretty cool, Lindsay, I'm going to try it. I have a rain sounds app and an ocean sounds app, but this one has so many choices. :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. That's actually pretty sweet! I definitely need to look into this. My boy loves the A/C turned way down and the fan on just for noise and it just about freezes me out!
    I'm pretty sure I couldn't live without my slip on shoes right about now. I live in my knee high cowboy boots, but we're in the middle of cleaning out a house we're about to move into and easier is just better right now!


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