High Five For Friday

Friday, December 19, 2014

Hey party people! Happy last weekend before Christmas. Let's kick this weekend off with some awesome moments from my week.

1.) We took Baby K to the Roanoke Christmas parade and she was definitely intrigued. This was her second parade, so she knew a bit better what to expect.

2.) My Dad took Tolar and I to see Dailey and Vincent's Christmas show. They are a Grammy-winning Bluegrass band and we really enjoyed the show. I didn't know what to expect since I'm not a Bluegrass fan, but I had a blast. Their bass singer was incredible too. I joked all night that my Dad and Tolar let me be the third wheel on their date.

3.) Tolar built a blanket fort with Baby K and they both had a blast! I loved watching Baby K enter and exit the fort, so stinkin' cute.

4.) I finished putting up the polka dot decals in Baby K's room (from Urban Walls) and I love the finished product. Full room reveal coming soon.

5.) Baby K is climbing and exploring everything these days. She got adventurous and attempted to climb up onto our bed and of course I had to snap a picture before I got her down.

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  1. The polka dots are SUPER cute!!! Adore those!
    So glad she had fun at her second Christmas parade!!
    Have a great weekend, girl!

  2. Christmas parades are the best! So glad she enjoyed it! And I love tents, we used to do that as children :)!

  3. Can't wait to see Baby K room. She is so cute.

  4. Baby K is amazing and I love the Polka dots! In the future I'll take your Bluegrass ticket (haha) I love bluegrass! :)


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