Family Photos Are My Favorite

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I love photos, no doubt about that. Just look at my phone and you will see I have over 3,000 photos taken since the last time I backed up my phone (which was probably only about five months ago). I really love having family photos taken. Having someone who has a great eye for fun shots and who really cares about getting that fab shot just means so much to me. And I love working with different photographers because they have different poses and set up shots in mind, so you can always get a variety.

We have a ton of photographer friends, which we have always been super thankful for. And when we left D.C. I was sad to leave all of our photographer friends, but still held out hope that we would find someone to take our photos as Baby K got bigger. Boy did we hit the jackpot!!! We used Whitney from Shine Photography and she is just awesome. Her work below is definitely going to speak for itself, but let me tell you a little about her. Whitney is awesome - hands down. She knows about so many great locations where you can get a really pretty backdrop for your photo; I love where we went! And Whitney is a mom (we are in the same MOPS group) so she is exceptional with children. Baby K fell in love with Whitney and her camera; she made Baby K feel so comfortable and she was great at getting a laugh out of her. And Whitney's eye for a great shot never stopped, not even as the wind picked up and the temperature dropped. We had so much fun with Whitney! New River Valley/Roanoke friends, I highly recommend that you check out Shine Photography and book a session with her!

And the creme de le creme:

In these photos, Baby K is wearing the first pair of shoes I ever bought her when I first found out we were having a girl. We used them in our maternity photos and now she has them on! So fun!


  1. Oh my goodness, these are adorable! I love the kissing ones and the one of you all in the barn, and walking holding hands. SO so precious!!! I'd frame them all!!!

  2. Such great pictures!!! you look beautiful!

  3. Such a pretty family. I love baby K's hair! You just can't beat red and a little curly.

  4. Aww your family photo's turn out great. Also love that there a story behind these pictures with the shoe.


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