Can I Go Back To School?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My facebook feed is full of back to school photos and the colleges around here are gearing up for move in day as they welcome back students. Yesterday, we spent the day getting Tolar his new Student ID, registering for parking and locating all of his classes. As we were walking around campus, I realized how much fun I had in college and that I actually missed it.

So here are some things that I miss about going to college:

1.) Dorm Life - I only lived in a dorm for my freshman year of college, but man was it fun. Having a constant flow of people to talk to, running in and out of everyone's rooms, borrowing clothes from everyone on the hallway and laughing and talking til the wee hours of the morning. It was my first taste of freedom from a curfew and I loved it!

2.) Being Able To Use The Term "Poor College Student" - Having a reason to bow out of something because I don't have the funds or simply don't want to. If you said you were a poor college student, nobody questioned. :)

3.) Receiving A Student Discount - I remember I would get a student discount to the movies and it was awesome. Now I'm seeing student discounts everywhere and I really wish I still had a valid ID.

4.) My Friends - My college girlfriends have a very special place in my heart. They got to experience life with me in a different way from all of my other friends and will forever mean so much to me. I loved that I got to see those girls daily, whenever I wanted. Now miles separate us and we really only get to see each other when someone gets married or has a baby. (Side note: we've been doing really good at those things so I've gotten to hug them a lot!)

5.) Being Able To Stay Up All Night and Not Pay For It The Next Day - If I'm up past 11 p.m., I just can't function the next day. In college, things were just getting started at 11 p.m. and I could hang with the best of them!

6.) Taking Spontaneous Trips - I loved having a somewhat flexible schedule in college and if my friend wanted me to hop in the car and drive to Winston Salem with her one night to see Sister Hazel perform then I could say yes!

7.) Freedom - College gave me a ton of freedom to learn so many lessons on my own. I didn't have as much responsibility as I do now so the freedom was amazing!

8.) Packed Computer Lab - Remember the many times when you had to do research papers and you headed to the computer lab on campus? It was awesome because I would run into so many of my friends there, turning my homework into a social hour.

9.) Unlimited Supply of Play Scripts - I was a theatre major in college and I LOVED being able to go to the library and check out any and every play that I wanted...for free. Now I have to search high and low for a script if I really want to read it.

10.) Beautiful Campus - I love to drive or walk through campuses, even if I didn't attend there. They just have so many beautiful sites to see and cool places to sit. College campuses provide great photo opportunities too. I wish I enjoyed UNCG's campus more when I attended.


  1. ahhh the memories, it is a great time of life but I don't miss the "poor" days

  2. Nailed it. I miss college so much, but adult life isn't that bad either.

  3. I'm right there with you! I really enjoyed college. I'd only want to go back for like a year though... And not have homework... ;-)

  4. We're gearing up for our semester that begins next week and I can already feel all the excitement. I love this list and it's so true!! College is the best! lol oxox, Amanda

  5. this was a great idea for a post! i might steal it, because i miss college life at times too :)

  6. I had enough trouble getting through high school so there is no bloody way I would go back to school

  7. Oh, I loved college! I would go back in a heartbeat! I met my best friends and my husband there. Thankful for a strong group of college friends but sad that we can't just walk into each other's rooms at all hours of the day and night anymore!


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