We Have Entered The Double Digits

Monday, April 28, 2014

10 MONTHS OLD!!! I can't even handle how fast time is flying and that my baby is getting bigger and bigger each day. She is almost a toddler now and not even a baby. Oh my goodness!

Stats: Sadly we don't have our home scale anymore and Baby K won't go back to the doctor until she turns 1, so I don't have any official stats on her height and weight.

Development: Our girl is becoming Miss Independent and wants to do a lot of things herself, the biggest thing being that she MUST feed herself. She rarely lets us feed her and if we do try, she always grabs at the spoon. And she now has two teeth on the bottom of her mouth! (Funny story, the other day I heard Tolar telling a friend that she has one tooth and I thought to myself "hmm, is it still just one tooth?" So I stuck  my finger in her mouth and sure enough, there was another tooth!) She isn't crawling yet, but she is very close. Little miss gets up on her hands and knees quite a lot and we always think she is going to move forward, but then she will lower her hips down to the floor and just stretch for whatever item it is that she needs. She has got the pivoting thing down while she plays on the floor and she can scoot around a bit, she just isn't legit crawling yet. Oh well, it will come. She can pull herself up to standing though; she especially loves to do this on our living room ottoman because she knows that the basket on top contains items that she really shouldn't have (and so it begins!). She has also started to pull herself up while in her crib, so we lowered her crib down to the lowest setting to keep our girl from tumbling out. I can imagine that it is quite hilarious to see my short self bending over and reaching in to pick her up - she's really far down!

Loves: She loves to explore and is super curious. If something is happening, she wants to be there in the action and know what is going on (she gets that from my Dad's maternal side of the family...hehe). If someone is holding her, she will twist and turn until she can see what the action is. With her curiosity, she is very interested in people's faces. She will touch mine and Tolar's faces anytime we hold her. She especially loves our mouths, I think she wants to see our teeth. Her favorite song is The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Surprisingly, ME singing the song to her totally perks her right up! If she is fussy in the car, I will just turn the radio down and start singing and she just loves it!

Dislikes: Baby K absolutely does not like for us to wipe her nose. She will move her head all around and cry until we are finished. However, she will let us use the bulb aspirator to suck out her snot (gross, sorry!) without any problems. Sure she'll let us stick something inside her nose, but try to just gently wipe something away on the outside of her nose and she loses it. She also does not like for things to be taken away from her. Uh oh, this girl better get over that! :)

Sleeping: We have successfully transitioned her out of the sleep suit at night!!! Our girl is an awesome sleeper (thank you Jesus!) and she easily went from sleeping through the night with the sleep suit to sleeping through the night without it. She only woke up once the first night and since then she has gone to sleep just fine. She has started to wake up about 6:15/6:30 now (she used to sleep until 7:30), so the mornings come a bit early. Although Tolar has started taking care of her when she wakes up, so I am very thankful for him and his help! Now that she doesn't have the sleep suit on, she explores her crib more with rolling and turning over. Much to my dismay, she now sleeps on her stomach. We will always lay her down to sleep on her back, but she will flip to her stomach sometime during the night. I don't like it because I don't want her to bury her head in the mattress, but there isn't much I can do. I will go in there before we go to bed and flip her back over (she doesn't wake up), but she will immediately roll right back to her stomach.

Diapers: She is still in Pampers Swaddlers size 2 during the day, but we did switch to Pampers Baby Dry size 3 at night. Her first night without her sleep suit (and her first night sleeping on her stomach), she leaked out of her Baby Dry size 2, so we immediately switched to 3's and have had zero problems.

Eating: Like I said above, our girl loves to feed herself. She simply adores puff cereal and would eat the whole container if I let her. In the morning, we give her some puffs or yogurt bites and some pureed fruit (we bought a lot of fruit and are continuing to feed her that until its all gone). At dinner though, the pureed food is gone and she gets "real" food now. Her first real food was a banana and it took her a little while to eat it because the banana was slimy and mushy, but she has now gotten the hang of it. She hasn't refused any food that we have given her; I think she is so excited to feed herself and we are enjoying giving her new foods to try. It was fun the other night when we made mac and cheese and gave her some - that was the first time that all three of us have eaten the same thing at dinner (usually we make her food separate from ours).

Clothing: Still in size 9 months, though she is starting to wear some 9-12 month stuff too. I have packed up all of her 6 month and under clothes, which makes me so sad. I also went through all of her other clothes (this blessed girl has a TON of clothes) and realized that she does not need any 12 month clothes, she has so much!!! However, after 12 months, she will need some bigger clothes. (hint to the Grandmas!)

Miscellaneous: We have been working on clapping and waving with her. She thinks it is hilarious when we clap her hands together, its the cutest thing. She will occasionally clap her hands when prompted and often claps her hands while on the changing table. She has started waving bye bye to people, although a lot of the time it looks like she is flapping her arms. Every now and again we do see her move her fingers like she is waving. I'm so proud of her and the progress she makes each day.


  1. Her face is just so sweet, happy ten months!!!


  2. I can't believe she's 10 months already! So crazy! And I know them sleeping on their tummy is scary but once they roll over they are good to go!

    And what's a sleep suit? We just put P in her crib for the first time last night and she slept 9 hours.. Hopefully it stays that way haha

    And my son walked at 9 months and I couldn't believe how much life changes when they're mobile! So enjoy this time now ;)

  3. Aww what a cutie! My little boys just turned 10 months on Saturday! Hope you have a great week :D

  4. Happy 10 month K. once she starts to crawl you will wish it didn't start.

  5. adorable! you are getting into the fun stage! love her hair color...my oldest daughter is a red head :)

  6. She is gorgeous and can we talk about her gorgeous locks?? I hope they stay that colour its really stunning!

  7. She is just so adorable and gorgeous makes one want to just squeeze her, once the crawling starts she will have you chasing her around the house


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