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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Do you know about Amazon Prime yet? Trust me, it’s kind of amazing and quite possibly some of the best money Tolar and I have ever spent.

Amazon Prime is a membership program available through; you get free 2-day shipping on eligible purchases (which includes almost anything on the site not from a private seller) and your packages sometimes arrive a day early – super bonus! Also, if you want your items guaranteed faster than 2-day shipping, overnight shipping is only $3.99 per item. Other benefits of the program: you don’t pay sales tax (at least here in Northern VA) and you also get access to their instant videos, their version of Netflix. The instant video part is what sealed it for me.

Tolar and I are huge fans of Downton Abbey, which we discovered on Netflix. 


Well Netflix only had Season One and when we finished the last episode of Season One, I definitely felt a little lost (am I being dramatic enough?). I was so stoked to discover that Amazon Prime’s instant videos had Season Two of Downton Abbey. So I get free videos, including Downton Abbey, free 2-day shipping and I pay no sales tax? Um yes please! 

I’m involved in a book club, plus I love to read outside of our monthly reads, so the free 2-day shipping and no tax seems to make this program pay for itself with the amount of books I read. For just $79 a year (less than the price of a yearly subscription to Netflix!!!!!) you get everything I have described above. And no, Amazon Prime isn’t paying me to write this. I just love the program that much!

I haven’t had the need to buy diapers, but some of my friends tell me that Amazon Prime is also awesome for buying diapers because you can get diapers at a cheaper rate and they are delivered right to your door, no having to run to the store in an emergency! Super score. They also have good deals for people who use the Kindle, though I also haven’t tried this aspect of the membership. Yes, I’m slowly killing all trees by buying actual books. With all of these amazing perks, you have to buy the membership.

Check it out here. And happy online shopping with free 2-day shipping.


  1. I love Amazon Prime! If you have a Kindle and Prime you also get access to the Lending Library which is convenient and has more current readily available ebooks than my regular library.

  2. I love Amazon Prime too, but I had totally forgotten about the Amazon Instant Video! Members who own Kindle devices can also choose from thousands of books -- to borrow and read for free, as frequently as a book a month with no due dates, from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

  3. I'm tempted to get it just to watch Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries. (Why yes, I am lame and just started watching that.) I haven't gotten in to Downton Abbey yet, but I've heard amazing things!

    1. No judgment here - I'm also a Pretty Little Liars fan, so I think I have lost all street cred to condemn anyone else on their tv choices. :) But I must say Downton Abbey is amazing!!!


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