2 Months Old In The Blink Of An Eye

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

2 Months Old

Stats: Our boy weighs a very healthy 11 pounds and is now 22 inches long. I'm super hopeful that he will be very tall.

Development: Knox can clearly see as his eyes often track with us as we move around the room and he will turn his head towards sounds (especially his sister's voice). During tummy time when he was seven weeks old, he rolled onto his back. I was completely amazed and did NOT expect him to roll so early. He can hold his head up really well and has had terrific neck control since birth. He has started smiling at us and we cannot get enough of his precious smiles. Our fabulous pediatrician is confident that he is not behind in any developmental milestones even though he is technically considered a preemie baby, arriving four weeks early.

Loves: The relationship that is already forming between Knox and Kendall is so special. They both LOVE the other so much!!! I know I said this in last month's update, but if he is crying, his sister's voice will calm him down. He also loves the gallery wall above our couch and will stare at that for long periods of time.

Dislikes: If this boy is hungry, he isn't happy until he is fed and I can't blame him one bit!!!

Sleeping: The Lord has blessed us with two children who sleep!!!! Knox has been a pretty great sleeper for a newborn and recently started giving us six hour stretches most nights. We plan to use The Baby Sleep Solution with Knox just like we did with Kendall. That book is fantastic and has also helped a lot of my friends teach their babies to sleep.

Diapers: He is still wearing size 1 Pampers diapers, but I think he will move up to size 2 very soon. We were gifted tons of diapers and still have four full boxes of size 1 diapers left. I imagine I'll be exchanging some diapers in the very near future.

Eating: Knox loves to eat! He is mostly on an "every three hour" eating schedule, but sometimes will want to eat earlier. I luckily have quite the oversupply of milk and produce double what he eats - my freezer is already full!!!!

Clothing: Currently Knox is still wearing size 0-3 month clothing. I think I'm going to try some 3-6 month pieces soon. He hasn't grown out of the 0-3 month in length or width, but his feet are bigger than the little feet on his sleepers.

Miscellaneous: At Knox's 2 month check up, we discussed with our pediatrician that Knox is still breathing fast. His breathing isn't always fast, but it happens enough for us to notice it. We have been referred to Pediatric Pulmonology and are hopeful that nothing will be wrong.


  1. They sure do grow up fast. I can't get over the fact my daughter turn 6 months old last week.


  2. Ahhhh he's so little (but so big!) Where does the time go??


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