House Update #2

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Since my original blog post about the progress of  building our house, a lot has happened! In about two months time, we went from only having our footers poured to having something that actually looks like a house! I'm certainly itching to have the house complete.

Our bricks were delivered first and the foundation for the house was constructed. We selected a white painted brick for the foundation of our house and I'm absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. I almost wish we were going to have more brick, but the exterior of the house will mainly be siding. Our siding will be light grey and will be added later.

Just a few days after the foundation/crawl space went up, the first story walls were built. I was actually quite surprised at how quickly everything came together. Five short days after the first story was complete, the second story was there. And then two days later, we were under roof. Seeing the whole process take shape has been so much fun.

Since getting under roof, we've had several things installed:
-air ducts
-all lights and outlets roughed in
-showers in Master bathroom and in the kids' bathroom
-septic tank
-concrete in the garage poured
-windows and doors

We asked to meet with the electrician during the rough in process so we could walk through the house room by room to select where outlets and lights would go. Our electrician was very thorough and made sure to offer his opinion whenever we were unsure. He called attention to places where he thought we might need extra lighting (hello master closet) and offered thoughts on the location for each bed. We added lots of can lights throughout the house and I'm so excited to have a well lit house!!!!

Yesterday our sheet rock was delivered and they will begin installing that this week. Our builder told us that once the sheet rock is complete, it should take about 45 days to finish everything else. That should be sometime in May! Of course, we don't know exactly how long the process from completion to actual move in will take due to inspections, but we are super hopeful that we will move in sometime at the end of May.

Living right down the road from where we are building has been fun to watch it all happen and I've enjoyed being able to visit as often as we want. Every time we walk around the house, I'm always imagining how I will decorate and arrange everything. Each new day makes it more real. I guess I better start packing up our current house...


  1. Sounds like things are coming along nicely.

  2. Thanks for the update, looks like it is progressing nicely


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