I'm Still Alive, I Promise

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My sweet friend Marcy sent me a text message yesterday wondering what was up with me and why Pursuit of Pink seemed to be trapped in October. And of course I am sure that all of you are probably wondering the same thing!

First things first, I'm alive and have absolutely no plans of halting the happenings at Pursuit of Pink. I just needed a little time off. I've been a little busy with entertaining some house guests, planning a baby shower, Christmas shopping for a Thanksgiving gift exchange, keeping up with church and MOPS stuff, enjoying my fabulous family and suffering from a cold that knocked me down hard! Everything but the cold has been full of enjoyment for me and just kept me a little too busy to sit down at my computer each night.

But I'm back. And figured I'd show you some shots of life straight from the ol' iphone because honestly I don't do anything with out that cellular device.

-We took family photos during my hiatus and I cannot wait to get those back and share with you. The leaves at the park where we shot the photos were insanely huge and gorgeous!

-My dear friend Rebekah and her sweet family came to visit us for a couple days. Bek is the type of friend that you need to have in your life. She is so positive, such a wise woman constantly pouring into me and she is the type of friend who even if you don't talk every day it always feels like you just spoke with each other. While Bek was here we went to a trampoline park with the ladies from my church and had a blast - seriously it was the most fun I've had in a long time!

-Sesame Street Live came to Roanoke and my sweet friend Shelly (a former co-worker from D.C.) hooked us up with tickets. We all had a blast meeting Elmo and friends and enjoying the show. Thanks so much Shelly!


  1. So glad that you're back!!! Looks like you've been busy lately, but lots of cute/fun stuff!


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