Motherhood is a Sisterhood

Friday, March 11, 2016


Being a stay at home mom has been on my radar since I was a kid, I always knew staying home was what I wanted for my family. My mom stayed home with us and I have such fond memories of having her around for so many highlights in life. Even before I was pregnant, this was a deep desire in my heart.

So imagine how freaked out I was when extreme panic set in once I actually became a stay at home mom (minus the 10 hours a week I work for the theatre). What am I going to do with my child all day? Will she get bored? Will I get bored? How will she learn all of the important things that she needs to know? How will I fill our days? Is this the right decision for our family? What do I do with her all of those hours while we are alone? Why am I freaking out?!?!? :)

Yes, when we moved to Southwest Virginia every single one of those questions and then some popped in my head. What had I just gotten myself into? I moved to a brand new community where I knew no one my age, much less anyone with children. I questioned if I really wanted to be a stay at home mom because I just didn't know what to do and was so concerned with my child getting bored and not being challenged mentally. Then I remembered that my sweet friend Melissa had started a private Moms group on facebook where Moms could ask questions of each other - no matter their location. I had previously used the group to discuss sleep schedules with a newborn, pediatrician questions and sickness, but never even thought about asking the other Moms how they entertained and mentally stimulated their children all day.

Luckily one day it clicked. I got brave and decided to just ask these Moms what do they do all day. I learned about story time at the library (it's free!), discovered really cool educational books to read to Baby K and even learned the term busy bag. From there I began checking out Pinterest and googling different activities that I could recreate for Baby K. For me, the activity needs to be fun but it also has to teach her something. Whether it be colors, counting or working on fine motor skills, there has to be a lesson involved (I often joke that is probably why K prefers to play with Daddy over Mommy - because Daddy just plays with her. Mommy always has to make it "educational."). Through online community I found exactly what I was looking for. There are Moms out there just like me, who stay home with their children, and entertain them without parking them in front of the tv for hours on end. Although I will say that K has learned a great deal from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so a little tv isn't bad!

That online Mom group meant so much to me, especially when I had a newborn and then later when we moved. I am constantly amazed at how great technology can be and the resources we can find because of it. Which is why I am ecstatic to introduce you to Hello Mamas. This is a global online community designed to bring Moms together. The site is designed to connect you with other Moms in your area so that you can form a community with people walking through the same season of life. After all, Motherhood is a Sisterhood and we need to be surrounded by people who understand.

Hello Mamas walks you through a series of questions (about yourself, about your family, about your children and about getting together with others). You fill out a complete profile and then "get matched" with other moms in your area based on the questions you answer. The questions are very easy to answer and cover a wide range of topics. Through Hello Mamas and their matching system you can set up play dates in your area with other Moms and their children.

There is also a Forum where you can ask questions of other Moms and also view information on a variety of topics. So far, my favorite topic to check out has been "Let's Talk Products" as I love to see what other items Moms are using with their children. There are plenty of options on topics, so if you have a question I am sure they have a place for it! Hello Mamas is an online group of Moms for anyone - you don't have to know someone to be a part of it.

I am thrilled to announce that I am now a Hello Mamas Influencer! I completely understand the value in community and supporting each other through different seasons of life and Hello Mamas fills a very open gap in the Motherhood community. Moms need each other, need support, need advice, need a shoulder to cry on and need someone to celebrate the little accomplishments in life (yay! your child just went on the potty!). Life can be hectic and chaotic and overwhelming, add being a mom to that mix and things just get crazy. It is nice to know that there are people out there going through everything you are going through. And Hello Mamas helps you find them.


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